Tensioned Solutions

Aiming to offer the market the best solution for each project, Tensoflex structured three specialized divisions:

  • Architecture and Lighting Design;
  • Acoustics; and
  • Visual Communication

These divisions are composed of engineers, architects and professionals ready to provide technical/commercial support in each of the areas. Highly trained assembly teams moving across the country, from the matrix in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo branch.

Architecture and Lighting Design

Having been the origin of the Tensoflex activities, this division concentrates all the know-how and experience in plastic screens and offers broad portfolio of translucent screens, lacquered, metallic, matte, punched and microperforated. The versatility of plastic sheeting provides a variety of ways to meet the demands of the architecture and lighting market, being applied in malls, retail stores, residential, corporate, among others. We offer the market the possibility of installing a fixed system where the opening to maintain frame is made by Tensoflex team, or mobile system, which includes opening system light-touch, opening in 90º, giving autonomy opening customer. In addition to projects involving plastic screens, the division of architecture and lighting is able to perform installations of lighting components.


The growing concern about the quality of life in the large centers has led to Tensoflex to implement a division specializing in acoustics, offering advanced materials and resources, either in plastic screens or special fabrics. Nominated in 2013 for the implementation of the lining of the first Apple Store in the country (Village Mall – RJ), the Tensoflex began distributing the Whisper Wall products in Brazil, Whisper Walls is the American company accredited for Apple to developing solutions in acoustics.

Visual Comunication

Permanent contact with major retail chains in Brazil showed the main needs of this market in relation to elements of visual communication with the public. Over the past few years Tensoflex invested in new films, print quality, easy to install panels with simplified and replacement of standalone screens and modern LED lighting components.

As a result, panels backlight or frontlight up to 3m wide solderless and high image resolution, whose screens can be installed or replaced by the customer are available.