1. What is the composition of the plastic screens TENSOFLEX ?

The TENSOFLEX screens are extruded in PVC polymers improved molecular memory that give the plastic wrap a great elasticity and resistance.

2 . How is the system installed Tensoflex ?

TENSOFLEX The system consists of tensioned screens and special aluminum profiles . The profiles are fixed on the ceiling, walls or structures and support screens through mechanical fit . Besides not cause dust, dust , odor or waste, the facility generally does not require the removal or displacement of furniture and equipment .

3 . How is the maintenance of lamps and ballasts associated with translucent screens ?

The TENSOFLEX offers access solutions for changing bulbs and ballasts , such as mobile structures such as snap frames and mechanisms tailored to each case . For projects with fixed system , our technical teams are always on hand for visits to maintenance.

4 . How is the development of a project with the TENSOFLEX system?

We have a technical team composed of architects , engineers and skilled professionals , able to accompany and guide specifiers and clients on the best applications of our system . From a complex or a simple project idea , we try to offer the most suitable and attractive solution to every situation .

5 . The TENSOFLEX screens can be used outdoors ?

The TENSOFLEX screens can be installed outdoors provided they do not receive direct incidence of sunlight and not exposed to rain .